Our mission is to provide teachers with instructional strategies to pique students' interest in STEM knowledge and its applications to real world problems through active learning, creative problem-solving, and the use of 21st Century Skills.

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Teaching 21st Century Skills

In Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Career and Technical Education Classes.

Are We Preparing

Our students to be globally competitive? The perfect presentation for an after-school or in-service program.

STEM Careers

What is College and Career Ready? Learn with our presentation on current research regarding decline of academic skills of recent U.S. high school graduates.

How to Use Active

Learning in a Lecture-Based Class? This program gives current STEM faculty active learning strategies to supplement traditional lecture.

Scientists Teaching Science

Since 2008, over 1400 graduate students, post-docs & science faculty members have taken this course to improve their teaching skills.
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STEM Education
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Do students doze off during your lectures? Do they have a hard time answering the questions you ask?

Do you find yourself wondering if there’s a different way of teaching and presenting science information than just talking and showing slides and illustrations?

Scientists Teaching Science may be just what you need.

Introductory Workshop

This two hour presentation covers some of the basic teaching strategies, learning styles, and project–based activities appropriate for anyone who wants to go beyond lecturing in scientific fields.
It includes small group activities and modeling of effective instructional practices. Requires a minimum of 20 participants. Not appropriate for more than 100 participants at a time. Multiple workshops can be held on the same or successive days.

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Online Course

How can you tell if your students really understand the content of a lecture or have only memorized vocabulary terms?
Take the online course and learn about active vs. passive learning creating course objectives and test items, online teaching skills and strategies, and finding ways to improve your teaching and assessment techniques for students of all ages– all based on the latest research findings about teaching and learning.

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  • Your course is very enlightening and an true eye-opener for me that how important it is to learn all these important strategies of teaching and how effectively a teacher should employ on a day-to-day practice.
    V. Thiruvanamalai, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • "STS empowered me to apply new pedagogical approaches to my courses. I feel confident building a dynamic, engaging learning environment for my future students."

    Katharine Seip-Cammack, Ph.D
  • "This class has really helped me to feel more confident and better prepared to move my career forward. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone in STEM fields who are considering becoming teachers or are already teaching science."

    Itzamarie Chevere, Ph.D.
  • "Thanks Barbara and thanks a lot for this course. I really learned a lot from this course and plan to use this in my everyday life. The way I state the objectives in my regular lab presentations for example has definitely changed."

    Nansi Boghossian, PhD, NIH